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How to register for gymnastics meet using

To register for a gymnastics meet, you need to  create a new free Team Administrator’s account. Then you need to log in and follow the directions right here in the HELP section.

If you want to post your gymnastics meet, you need to create free Meet Director’s account and follow the instructions. Posting you meet is always free and if you expect more than 400 competitors, you would qualify for our discount service fee. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of this page to find out more about our pricing .

Using the USA Gymnastics Reservation System:

Meet Directors

When you are applying for USA Gymnastics Sanction and you choose to use as your meet registration company, the information from your sanction will transfer to We will link your Meet Director’s account with us or create automatically a new one. After you receive our confirmation email, you  will need to complete your meet information, including the period you will accept registrations. Then your meet will be posted and available for registrations on Any updates on your USAG Sanction will transfer to your meet information on as well. If you need to add/remove levels, please make sure that the levels on are matching with your USAG Sanction.

Our service fee is based on the size of your gymnastics meet. If you expect more than 400 competitors, you would qualify for discount service fee. Please use the contact form bellow, to find out more about our pricing.

Team Administrators

When the competition you want to register for is posted on, your Reservation from the USAG Reservation System will transfer to your Club’s account with If your club doesn’t have an account with us, we will create automatically one for you after your Reservation. Many of the meets are full way before their deadlines and the Meet Director will guarantee your team’s spot after initial payment. Any updates on your USAG Reservation will transfer to your Meet Roster on as well. is integrated with the USAG Reservation System and registration for competitions is a process in 2 steps. Step 1 is making the Reservation on the USAG website and Step 2 is making the Registration payment on

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments